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Red, White and Black Grapevine Winter Wreath

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Black and White Christmas wreaths are a new trend! They are classy and will go with any decor theme you have! This black and white beauty measures 25x25x9!

This would be great placed indoors or outdoors! We create a jute rope loop on the back of the wreath for easy hanging from a hook, nail, or wreath hanger.

Your wreath will arrive tethered in a large box that is perfect for storage. Also, it will come ready to hang other than some light fluffing of the wired bow and the very outside edges of the wreath. All of the materials are wired and super easy to fluff.

Decorative mesh and the items listed are durable materials to moderate outdoor exposure. However, I recommend hanging your wreath on a door that has an overhang to protect it. Over time, the sun will fade your wreath. This does not concern most people, as the wreath should give you multiple seasons of enjoyment.

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