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Mini Scarecrow Pixie Wreath Kit

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This is a kit for you to make yourself a beautiful Mini Scarecrow Pixie Wreath. You will receive everything you need to build you a cute little pixie wreath, but don't be fooled!!
Even though it is made on a 8" wreath frame, they are still full and cute as a button in this case!  This kit will produce 15-16 inch wreath when complete. All of my kits include the ribbon for a basic bow. You are more than welcome to make this your own and add some flare! This Scarecrow Pixie Wreath also comes with a tutorial on YouTube as most of mine will come with online tutorials. Now, if you get your kit and I have not aired my tutorial, you are more than welcome to put your kit together how you see fit! But....It is much more fun to do it together!

Decorative mesh and the items listed are durable materials to moderate outdoor exposure. However, I recommend hanging your wreath on a door that has an overhang to protect it. Over time, the sun will fade your wreath. This does not concern most people, as the wreath should give you multiple seasons of enjoyment.

YouTube Tutorial here