About Us

When we are not working our full-time jobs, we spend our time creating!  We take breaks for quality time with our grandchildren.  We have eight grandchildren and they love crafting as much as we do.  So, while they are painting their masterpieces, Jeanette sneaks in a little painting of her own on some wreath attachments.

If you are interested in custom license plates for those who do not have front plates on your car, T-shirts, decals Floyd is your guy.  If pretty things full of flowers, glitter, and vibrant colors is your thing…Jeanette is your gal.  Jeanette creates deco mesh and floral wreaths, centerpieces, mantel arrangements, door swags, cemetery saddles and vases.

Jeanette and Floyd love creating things so much, they decided to own their own business….” Our Backroom Creations”